July 2014

New CIELFFA accident statistics

The latest evaluation of the accident statistics is available. The evaluation gives information about indicators like accident severity, rate and fequency as well as injured body parts and the "dangerous" activities.

The results of the evaluation of the accident statistics were presented in the Technical Committee in Linz/Austria on 16th June 2014. They were sent to all members in July 2014 together with the meeting minutes.


June 2013

New CIELFFA accident statistic

The 2012 accident statistics provide comprehensive information about the frequency, severity and rates of accidents occuring in the member companies.

The accident statistics were distributed to the members in June, together with the minutes of the April Technical Committee Meeting in Hagen.




New amplified cold roller dictionary 2013

The existing CIELFFA cold roller dictionary created by the Technical Committee in 2001 has now been amplified by 50 new definitions. The complete version of the dictionary in the languages English, German, French, Spanish and Italian is available here as download in Excel format.


Representative of CIELFFA at EIPPCB for new BREF-Document

CIELFFA will be represented by a member expert in the work sessions on the new Best Available Technique Reference Documents for Ferrous Metals Processing (FMP BREF). The expert shall be the voice of the cold rolling industry in the “Technical Working Group” (TWG) of the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Bureau (EIPPCB). Located in Seville/Spain, it is a body of the European Commission and organises among other things an exchange of information between EU Member States and industry on Best Available Techniques. The existing 2001 BREF-Document on Ferrous Metals Processing is under revision. Furthermore, CIELFFA will send the same representative to EUROFER’s Working Group “Cold Rolling” to gather information and analyse expertise for the meetings of the EIPPCB “Technical Working Group”.

The new EU Directive 2010/75 of 24th of November 2010 on Industrial Emissions aiming for prevention or control of industrial pollution requires industrial installations to work with the best available techniques published in so called BREF-Documents. The content of BREF-Documents is drawn up in the “Technical Working Group” consisting of representatives of the European Commission, EU Member States, relevant industries and environmental non-governmental organisations. (Details are laid down in the Implementing Decision of 10th of February 2012.)

In preparation of these work sessions on a high European level CIELFFA has established four internal working groups in the field of “Pickling and Water Process“, “Annealing”, “Temper Rolling” and “Cold Rolling, Finishing, Roll-Shop and Emulsion Systems”. During scheduled meetings the experts will discuss and summarise their knowledge on the subject in order to distribute their expertise to the CIELFFA representative for the aforementioned BREF work sessions.


New CIELFFA accident statistics

The accident statistics covering 2011 gives comprehensive information about accident frequency, accident severity and accident rate occurred in the member companies.

The accident statistics is available for members through the CIELFFA office.



Code of Conduct

The recommendation  of a "Code of Conduct" and information about mutual recognition of "Codes of Conduct" are available for members in English and in German.



Brochure: "Zero-defect-strategy in the cold rolling industry"

The brochure describes the possibilities and limitations of defect avoidance and defect detection in the production of cold-rolled steel strip. It was worked out by technical experts of our member companies.

For member companies the brochure is available at the CIELFFA office.

Download as pdf-file - German version Download as pdf-file - English version


Study of the stability of steel strip coils

The technical development as well as the economical pressure led in the last few years to an increase of the outer diameter of steel strip coils. These new conditions ask for a new reflection on how the stability of coils having a horizontal center line could be ensured taking into account the usual storeroom floors.The rule of a ratio width - outer diameter of 1:4 for the stability of steel strip coils based on former studies has been here reconsidered because of the new storage conditions used in the cold rolling industry. A work group inside the "Technical Commission" of the Fachvereinigung Kaltwalzwerke e.V. (German association of cold rolling mills) was dedicated to the question and conducted the present study together with the chair for structural steel engineering of the university RWTH, Aachen. This study was designed to help the producers as well as the users of cold rolled steel strip in the evaluation of their storage conditions and therefore reduce the potential dangers.

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