Europäischer Verband der nationalen Fachverbände der Kaltbandhersteller.


... the European Federation of the National Associations of Cold Rolled Narrow Steel Strip Producers.

... est une association européenne regroupant les syndicats nationaux des lamineurs à froid.

22nd June 2018

CIELFFA has been accepted as official partner of the ongoing EU-OSHA health campaign ‘Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-2019 – Manage Dangerous Substances’. This is the European Union agency dealing with safety and health at work. The campaign has been successfully implemented for several years in more than 30 countries with more than 100 partners. The current campaign focuses on dealing with hazardous substances in the workplace.

The aim is to work with partner organisations such as CIELFFA to raise awareness of the risks posed by hazardous substances and to promote a culture of risk prevention. We are taking part in the campaign because the issue of 'handling hazardous substances' also plays an important role in our cold rolling mills. Under the umbrella of the ‘Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-2019’ CIELFFA intends together with the FVK to organise seminars or workshops on that topic. Many aspects like the legal framework, risk assessment, possible technological and organisational measures to improve safety at work, new and innovative PPE, and how to include temporary workers in the health and safety requirements of companies could be suitable subjects. Suggestions and ideas from members for possible concrete seminar topics are very welcome.

For more information on the EU-OSHA campaign you can visit the website under:

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Juan Ramis (Arania) is new CIELFFA-President, Michael Ullrich (Bilstein) is new Chairman of Technical Committee

20th October 2020

Today the Cielffa members elected a new President as well as a Chairman of the TeCo. The office of President is now held by Mr. Juan Ramis, Managing Director, Arania (Spain), successor to Mr. Rey-Baltar, who has resigned from the presidency due to his retirement. Mr. Michael Ullrich, CTO, Bilstein Group (Germany) will head the Technical Committee from now on. We are looking forward to our future cooperation!



Webmeeting on 20th October 2020, 10-12 a.m.


We invite all members for a webmeeting!

Main topics on the agenda are:

  • Automobile market -  developments and future scenarios (Dr. Foltz, pwc strategy&)
  • EU trade policy – e.g. current issues on steel safeguards, carbon border adjustment mechanisms, BREXIT (Ms. Selandari, Orgalim)
  • BREF (Mr. Schoenemeyer)
  • Election of President / Chairman TeCo



6th SCT - International Conference on Steels in Cars and Trucks


The new date of the event will be 5 – 9 September 2021. The location of Milan and the event venue will remain the same.

On 14-18th June there will be the 6th SCT - International Conference on Steels in Cars and Truck in Milan/Italy. The conference contains more than 150 presentations from industry and research. The motto is ‘Bringing the automotive, supplier and steel industries together’. This reinforces what the modern steel industry is all about: partnerships across value chains being made up of industry, research and development professionals. The second motto of SCT 2020 is: ‘Future trends in steel development, processing technologies and applications’.

The main topics are

  • Steel Components in Cars and Trucks
  • Manufacturing of Components
  • New high performance Steels
  • Modelling, Simulation and Testing
  • Special Topic: LIGHTWEIGHT forging

500 experts from all over the world are expected to be part of the 6th SCT in Milan, Italy. SCT does not only offer you a high quality program, but also important representatives of international business in the exhibition. For more information:

Get a 10%-discount on the participation fee using the special booking link for FVK and CIELFFA members.